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Our Purpose


  Above all, this congregation is organized as a church to glorify God and to exalt Christ Jesus our Lord. We purpose to reach lost souls and unchurched people with the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ; we further purpose to instruct believers the Bible way through sound, biblical preaching and personal discipleship in order to deepen and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ; and as well, we will further help equip believers for service at home or abroad, as Christ frames His church in this locality.


Therefore, we exist to…


Exalt Christ through God-honoring music and through relevant, Biblically-sound preaching;

Psalm 34


Evangelize the lost through weekly soul winning and through a worldwide Faith Promise missions program, as well as through training and equipping Christians to share Christ on a daily basis;

Matthew 28:18-20


Encourage spiritual growth through Adult Bible Study and Sunday School classes, and through discipleship; 

2 Timothy 2:2


Edify the body of Christ through membership into our church family and through fellowship with other believers;

Acts 2:41


Equip members for servant leadership through ministry training and through ministry opportunities.

1 Peter 4:10


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