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Becoming a Member


  We would be glad for the opportunity to welcome you into the family and fellowship of ChristChurch Baptist.


  Here at ChristChurch we believe a church member should be faithful to church services; support the local church with tithes and offerings; be committed to God’s Word, the church, the pastor, and to one another; and be dedicated to reaching lost people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


  You may become a member of ChristChurch Baptist in one of the following ways and upon completion of our Membership Studies classes.


  By baptism (immersion) at this local church following a profession of faith as a believer in Christ Jesus as personal Saviour;

Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 2:41


  By letter of transfer from another Bible-believing church of like faith and practice, or other written statement of good standing from the prior church, if you have been baptized by immersion subsequent to a profession of your faith;


  By testimony of faith, having accepted Christ as Saviour, and having been baptized by immersion in another Bible-believing church of like faith and practice; and 

Matthew 3:16; John 3:23; Acts 8:38


  By completing Membership Studies classes. This is a lesson series regarding the scope of ministry here at ChristChurch Baptist in which you will discover the purpose of the church and what it means to be a member with its benefits and responsibilities.


  Members are removed from membership when they stop attending ChristChurch Baptist or when they join another church. In accordance with the Church Bylaws, members will also be removed from membership as a result of willful, intentional, and open sinful behavior that is unbecoming to a Christian and harmful to the church family.


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